as usual, me making zero sense

I keep imagining how everything would be if an individual’s existence is erased. Can you imagine normal days but God suddenly erase you? It’s not a gradual one but it happens all of sudden. For example, you’re walking to school and suddenly vanished and you’re nowhere to be found. To add up, people will not even remember you. Your existence is suddenly irrelevant.
            Some people are silently seeking and craving for attentions that they feel like giving up when they got none. Having that kind of life, a life to satisfy everyone is actually sad. Living here is supposed to be something for you to cheer and enjoy in your own way, not by following others. I remember a saying, “There are no originalities anymore.” It is true. There are no originalities because I believe everything we are doing today had been done by the former generations of humans. Originalities probably don’t exist anymore but there will always be someone’s own way of doing something so why do we bother to copy others and try to be other people when we actually have something others don’t? Why do we get disappointed for not accomplishing something others can accomplish when we actually have something we can do really best at that others can’t be good at? We are so busy nowadays trying to be perfect at everyone’s eyes that we have forgotten to enjoy and cherish our own life.
            By not getting what we want, we easily feel like escaping life when we actually have lots, thousands of opportunities we can’t see. We’re too busy that we forgot to open our eyes wide and appreciate everything we have.
            They say nobody’s perfect but why are we being taught to weep when we can’t actually be perfect? Why can’t we stop and continue to be as carefree as how we were as children?
            As innocent kids, we had a lot of dreams. We thought life will get more wonderful as we grow old. We learnt everything about life from how to live and how it’s going to be in the afterlife. We learnt about how we must be respecting the elders. We learnt about how compulsory it is to pass the exam with flying colors in order to be successful.
            But life will never be pleasing. Depression, anxiety are common among teenagers. I’m aware of the fact that everything starts with ourselves but the environment can’t be denied as a factor which contributes to the death of some teens’ souls. We’re living in a world where everyone is trying to be perfect and the worst is you’ll be defined by what you get for your exams. You’ll be defined by what rumors said about you.
            Here’s Murakami’s handy quote to broken teenagers out there, “It’s not too late to recover. You’re young, you’re tough. You’re adaptable. You can patch up your wounds, lift up your head and move on.”
            If you ever feel like the whole world is against you, remember that there are those who are willing to love you the way you are especially God. Why did He put you in this world if your existence is insignificant? He won’t let you live if He hates you. He won’t let you take even a sip of the air.
            I used to believe that in the end of the day we will be all alone without any guidance but as the day passes by, I believe that we will be alone with those who are willing to be with us at the end of the day. 


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