Brainwash yourself. Tell yourself this and that, even if its a lie, your brain will remember and you'll eventually forget and believe it. You're what you think you are. If you think you're crazy, you'll someday be crazy.

Not knowing anything is better.

I have plans. Plans to kill. I feel the urge to kill adults. They're demons.
I'll be the exorcist and kill them.
Kill the adults.
Don't let them get away.
They're responsible for everything.
Kill them.

When you get pressured too hard, you'll eventually feel numb. You won't care anymore. You won't give fucks. You'll rise.

Why did you break my trust? Rot.
Awwwwwwww you're such an actor. Telling me to believe you, this and that, you think I'll believe you?

You broke my trust and I don't know who should I trust now.
Thanks anyway.

We have marks at our backs. We've been stabbed at the back for so much time I can't even count. Why do people act so nice when they're actually wearing masks?

People often lie.

"You rodent, I'm omnipotent."

Don't trust adults. They're not pure. They're devils. Demons.
They think they know everything. They destroyed children's dreams. Selfish faces.
Adults are liars.


Guess I don't have to see you anymore because you degraded yourself in front of my eyes. I can see the judging look in your eyes. You did think you know everything but yeah, I know things you don't. I don't trust you and I won't anymore. I don't need your fucking help because I can help myself. You should go help yourself. I hate adults anyway.

Poor you.
I trusted you yet you broke my trust.


Tell everyone, tell the whole world.
You people perhaps think you're angels. Idiots. Stupid.

I'm sorry for offending you, adults (if I did).
But seriously, rot.


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