"Be happy without reasons because when you have reasons, they will be 
taken away from you someday.
Be sad with reasons because when you don't have one, you'll always be 
sad as you don't have reasons that can be taken away from you."

I believe everything happened for reasons. Seeing Lucy fought with Jamie, I feel really sorry but yeah, it happened for a reason or maybe reasons. I believe everything happened for the betterment of everyone's life. 

But we sometimes don't understand why did we fight till our last breath, why did they get killed, why did she fail her exam, why did he take the cat home, why did he left her, why did she cry, why did he get really frustrated, why did she cut herself and swallow pills, why did he jump off the building and why do we have our reasons for everything? 
Both logic and illogical reasons.

Humans are unfathomable. Full of hypocrisy and desperation. 
But I love seeing humans' efforts when it comes to fixing things and making it go the way it was. 

I have reasons why I'm going to protect you though this devotion seems stupid to the entire world, I will always protect you. I have reasons why I'm going to always be by your side. I have reasons why I'll be against this world if this place suddenly go against you. I have reasons why I trust you. Well and I have reasons why I'll sometimes get mad at you.


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