Why would we get ourselves devoted to someone? When it looks ridiculous to the whole world. Some people hate to be devoted to someone. They can't fulfill and comply it. But when you truly love someone (euw), you eventually will devote yourself to that someone. Your time, your feelings and everything.

I often see the opposite whenever someone tells me something.
"Love is not pure anymore. People had mistaken it with lust."
I don't think so. Unless you're really blind to differentiate 'love' and 'lust. It's different.
When someone says he/she loves you, you'll know.
From the expression, from the way you get treated, the look in the eyes.

You might not agree with me but you can't blame them when they did something awful. It might be their fault but you're just another outsider. You know nothing. Unless you've been in their shoes. I have to light it up here-- and if you say you'd faced the same situation, your story differs so you can't simply say you've experienced something similar to him/her.

Not blaming you idiots but if you'd been left by someone, why would you blame others? Why would you tell others to break up so that they won't end up like how you did? You don't have to be so pathetic. You can't force others. Don't act like you know every single shit. Why'd you tell others something awful?

"I don't want you to be sad. She'll eventually leave you."
"Can't you see it? He's just playing with you."

I know you might not agree with me but all I see in this world is hatred and jealousy. You can tell me everything, anything and I still won't trust you.

Sometimes you have to open your eyes and see the world differently. Be more considerate. Be careful.

Do you really know why did they steal? Why did he kill others? You'd probably say they're wrong.
Can you see what's inside their hearts? The deepest part? What do they keep?
Oh boy, remember everything happened for reasons.
They have their reasons they won't even bother to tell you.

Everyone deserves to live. Chances. Talking about chances, God gives you a lot of chances until the day you throw your last breath. Don't fret.

Whenever you're feeling blue, remember you don't have to have any reasons to be happy.
So be happy.

People will judge you but you don't have to care.
Live your life the way you want it to be.



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