It doesn't make sense when your future is determined by answering questions on pieces of papers. It doesn't and won't make any sense at all.

Well, nothing really makes sense.

Can we go back to being carefree again? The time when we cared about nothing. We cared less. I was a kid and I missed it now. We had this one excitement to grow up and we looked forward to it. We're now growing up and we hate it.

I want my childhood back. I don't want to be adult. I hate adults. I don't want to kill kids' dreams. I don't want to throw their dreams down the drain because I was once a kid and I know how it's like.

They crushed your dreams and they didn't care.

Social stigmas; that's the important thing, they said. Follow us. Follow others. Be successful. Get a good job when you grow up. Learn this and that.

Why do you want to be a painter? 
Dream something better, at least.

I lose hope.

But hey adults, I'm growing up. I've experienced something which is probably the worst experience in my entire teenage life. I'm getting my shits together. 

My dream. I retained it.

You can't tell me what to do. You can't. Because I'm growing up and I shouldn't follow you. This is my own life and I'm going to color it by myself. 

I will grow up. I will be an adult. 

But I'm going to prove you; you're definitely wrong all this while.


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