euw (the last paragraph =_=)

Bad at expressing feelings doesn't mean you don't feel. You feel but you suck at expressing it to people.

I have this thing which is whenever I mingle around people, I can feel everything. I don't know what it is but I suddenly feel sadness, anger, happiness and everything you can feel and it gives a big impact on my emotion. I once cried when I felt it and it is weird because I didn't even know what it is. I didn't know you and not even related to your problems. Why did I cry?

I often get too attached to someone I have something for. I am clingy. I get jealous easily. Being able to express and clarify it to the person you love is great because you're capable of opening up to that person but I guess I am not capable of opening up unless I've known you for so long. I can't trust someone yet I do trust people.

Overthink kills. It's not that I don't trust this particular person but I get worried much and the worst is that it's uncontrollable until I reached the point where I constantly cry myself to sleep because I couldn't help myself to stop thinking.

I love you in an unexplainable way. Love is something you'll feel once in your life, I believe. Love is when you do it right, when you found the right person to be with...?

I'll protect you as long as I'm breathing. I'll take the pain away and put a smile on your face. I won't let you cry and if you do, I'll wipe your tears away. If I can't do much to help, I'll be willing to listen to you; your despairing thoughts, your rantings and ramblings. I swear I'll be by your side everytime even if the world is against you.


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