"Back then, you were just a face I had noticed
but had never talked to.

But you're now the only face I recognize
in the crowd."

We were not close before and I had never expected to talk to you.

You were ordinary in my eyes before.
Until I suddenly realized how beautiful that smile of yours is.

I sometimes hate you for the attentions you've always got.
I sometimes think about killing the girls you talk to.

I am clingy.

I might sometimes be stupid for trusting everyone without any single doubt. I often end up being stabbed at my back but I know its gonna worth it.

Seeing you smile is probably the best thing I've ever seen in my life.

Oh I suddenly feel like killing girls.

I can't go even a minute without talking to you. I might be selfish for wanting you all to myself. 
Wait. I really am selfish.

I'll kill you and preserve you with the fountain of youth and put you in a glass shelf.

The warm hugs and kisses. I need to hug you now. I am attached. 

You need nothing else because I love you. 
You have me.


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