It's something they called love. Something they claimed; it is powerful. Something that could change the world. Love is abstract and the definition depends on how someone see it. Love is pure; if and only if they won't mistaken it with lust. Something pure as love has enough power to change the world.

Love is often mistaken with lust.

There are humans who love and you have to appreciate it. But not knowing how it feels like will make you yearn to feel it. Once you feel it, everything won't be the same anymore. Love is when you suddenly lose your heart. Love is when you let anybody else hurt you. Love is when you suddenly realize you don't deserve it. Love is when you feel confused. Love is when you know nothing anymore. Love is something that kills you both outside and inside but it doesn't matter. Love is when you wake up at 4 am, having irregular thoughts in your mind. Love is when your heart bleeds but it heals at the same time. Love is when you constantly cry without having any apparent reasons. Love is irregular; the feeling you had never felt before.


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