deepest part

We fell into the deepest pit, losing ourselves. We fell into the darkness, seeking help. We will always fall. But falling doesn't mean failure. We can still get ourselves together and rise again. Everything depends on us.

But some fell too hard; they forgot how to rise. Seeing depressed people hit the deepest crack of the reality is probably the worst thing to see. Falling sometimes makes us rise higher and falling could sometimes destruct us.

This world is going to leave you alone (let's exclude God in this case and let the world means only humans lol God won't leave you). No matter what, you're going to be alone. People will leave you, they won't understand you. People will hate you when they get to know you; the deepest part in your heart. In the end, people will despise you. 

Put everything aside. Being alone could be enjoying. You'll get to share your thoughts with yourself, having nobody interrupting. You'll get to know yourself more. 

But the demon is waiting for you too.


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