I complain a lot yet I do nothing.

I am a pessimist. I pretty much hate optimism.
Pessimists were optimists.

The lost hope.

I was a good child.
I changed.
I thought I won't change.
But I do change.
I'm still undergoing the process of changing.

When I was a child, I had this dream.
I want to be a good human.

"You're going to change into someone you hate."

My past would hate seeing this me.

I realized.

I had never changed.
I'm revealing myself.

The girl everyone wish would never existed.
The girl everyone hates.

The demon in me said;
"You're another pathetic child. You're going to be someone you hate."

I changed.

The mask is getting thicker.
The mind is getting dirtier and even more corrupted.

But the height and weight will never change.


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