"So how's your day?"
"I don't know and I don't wanna know."
"Well, well. I guess someone's got a new achievement today...?"
"Are you talking about the essay?"
"Maybe. Or not. Whatever you think it is."
"It is good. Better than any I've done before, I guess. A mistake and few marks were deducted. Sheesh."
"Cool. Though I didn't expect you'd survive it."
"But, I always feel inferior and useless. Talking to you is a great thing to do even though you're unreal."
"Not sure what should I say. Everyone will feel that sort of way at some point of their life. You're pretty annoying but I'll always be here to talk whenever you need me. Yeah, who won't be there when the other self calls for the other self? Hahaha."
"I constantly feel like a maniac talking to something unreal. And anyway, that's one sincere laugh."
"I don't know It's your own choice. You choose for yourself. If it's getting worse, stop. Won't make any differences though. I can still hear your mind."


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