How does it feel when people come and open up to you? Tell you secrets and stuffs. Secrets and stuffs. Including those you don't want to keep. Including those which involves someone significant to you. You might feel guilty if you don't tell them. But in the same time, you should keep it to yourself only because people trust you to keep their secrets.

It's painful to keep something you don't wanna keep. Analogizing this, imagine you have some sorta stale or spoiled foods. You sure don't wanna keep them. The same goes to secrets you don't wanna keep.

I'm not being cliche but what if you like this one guy and a friend came to you telling you she likes him?

It's painful. No, I'm not experiencing it but I always imagine it to happen. 

{Give up}

Cmon. It's not easy as deleting you stuffs on computer. No it won't be.

I'm trustworthy, they said. 

Hell no I'm hella not. Your secrets are going to be something for us to laugh at. Not all of them but some.

That proves everything. 

I'm not trustworthy.


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