a random short story

I was standing there, watching. He was suffering from the agonizing pain. He looked so helpless yet I did nothing to help. He whimpered. He kept on screaming for help but nobody was there except me. His figure was mutilated; from a normal humanoid figure to lumps of red fresh fleshes. His eyeballs were scraped by a knife. Tiny lines existed on the surface of his eyeballs. The veins in those beautiful eyeballs blew out. It was too much pressure and pain he couldn't stand it.

He was so brave that he tried to fight yet it was useless. His fingers were cut off and his tiny bones were crushed. His little scream was heard and it echoed.

I came near him.

She wore a sweater and covered her head with the hood.

The tormenter came at this point where he took the man's eyeballs out mercilessly. He took the eyeballs out by spoons and cut the veins off by a scissor. The tormenter then crushed the eyeballs by his own feet. It was a couple times before the eyeballs turned into liquid, aqueous texture.

The man suffered an imaginable pain none could explain.

Her clothes were covered in blood.

I came near him again.

The man's face was badly injured. If he died and his body were to be found, none would recognize him because his face was badly injured.

The girl bought a chainsaw. She walked, following the pace of the peaceful midnight breeze while humming the lullaby. She giggled. There was an expression on her face. Looking at the expression, none would be able to tell what she really felt because it was a perfect mix of amuse, agony, disappointment and devastation.

She laughed and switched her chainsaw on.

The night went on. The beautiful skies witnessed everything.


I woke up early in the morning and made my breakfast. A cup of freshly brewed coffee and three slices of pancakes made me ready for a new day.

I went out to pick the daily newspaper. My neighbor gave a warm smile to me.

My morning was perfect. While enjoying my slices of pancakes, I smiled. My day was made. Suddenly I noticed I was sitting on a plastic bag containing something. There were a sweater and a pair of yoga pants.

"Hmm, blood stains." I murmured to myself.


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