another cliche and typical post...?

Everyone is not going to stay.

Life. Its going to take a long time to learn about life. Talking about life; cliche. But yeah. What we're living in right now is life.

Don't lose faith or you're going to suffer because there's no more thing to hold on.

We're all beautiful souls, trying to figure out everything. But we might slip. We might get disappointed. We might even be lied to.

Something happened and I'm not going to tell it here.

I put myself in this kind of situation and I need to face the consequences. I blame nobody because this is life and I'm going to live it until the end. Life's too short to be sad. I admit I get attached easily when someone's being nice to me. And I trust easily too.

But in return, something needs to be sacrificed. The thing is heart. Yeah. When you trust easily, your heart is going to suffer in the end.

And heartbreak hurts too much.

I should learn to stop being so nice and have emotions but I can't. I'm not showing you about my niceness or whatever hell it is but I like to be nice. Seeing everyone happy is my priority, I guess? But the problem is, I ain't capable of satisfying everyone. I can't do it all by myself. I'm only human. It's sad when people expect me to care about them when I got nothing in return.

I'm not expecting for something in return but imagine you're always there for people but they won't be there for you whenever you need them.

Aminah said this,

"I need you to be there whenever I need you. Please."

But wait hey, I'd been there for you but you're not even there for me when I need you.

You're trusting them, you're expecting them to be there.
The main thing is, don't trust. Expect nothing and your life is going to be better. Expect nothing and you won't get disappointed.

Oh and generally speaking, (not intended to anyone)
here's where faith is important. When something bad happened to you and you feel completely shit, that's not a reason to treat people like crap. Don't treat people like crap.

Don't try to shut people up. Deal with it. This is life. You can't expect people to shut up. You just can't. You're going to go out someday and it's going to be even worse. Some people won't shut up. Especially girls. You know like yeah, go out and gossips and stuffs. You can't tell the world to go the way you want it to be.

Life is not about you. And it won't be about you.

I came across this saying by Ali,

"Ew being good is tough we shouldn't be good. And why should we?"

Eh but being a stupid filthy selfish dumbass is okay?

Some of you might say it's hard being good but that's what we're living for. I'm sorry if you're not agreeing but do you think it's fair to treat people like crap?
If you think it is, get the shit in yourself fixed.
Stupidity is not for display. Don't make people laugh at your face.

Living in this world is a responsibility given by God.

I'm talking about this don't treat people like crap thing because it's happening. No, I'm not going to point this to friendship, relationship or marriage matters. But you can see people treating people like crap everywhere.

Some of you might not agree because you have this thought about life; life's about competition and you want to be the winner.

Pathetic bums.
Life is not about you.

Grow up. School days won't last forever. When you go out of school, more conflicts will happen.

I complain about life too. I sometimes feel like giving up too. I sometimes feel like having someone to listen to me. I sometimes feel like having someone special. I've been distancing myself away from people. I like it but I hate it. I'm all messed up.

Help? I really need it but when I look back, I don't think I need it anymore. Help, you said. But you're going to get things worse. Don't help when you're not capable to help. Oh and in case, help yourself first before you try to help others. Who knows you might need to go see psychiatrists, psychologists or counselors before you come and help me? Heh.

Nobody understands.

I don't care if you don't understand me but don't pretend to care and understand.


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