I remember the time when I used to be ignorant, I care about nothing except going out in the evening to play with my friends. Playing with friends was something I can't live without even for a day. Childhood was the best part of our life. Where nothing and nobody bothered us. Nobody judged you back then. You could do everything you like, be it something stupid or something unusual. Well, everybody was gonna laugh no matter what type of joke it was; the stupid or the relevant one.

20th century (I get to be a part of 20th century even it's so small) was so different.

No gadgets. I lived my childhood during the day where internet is an uncommon thing. There was no iPhone. Samsung had already existed but there was no smartphones. There's only Blackberry but yeah, it's really uncommon to see people using smartphones.

I spent my time healthily. And had an awesome childhood. I went out every evening with friends, played around. We rode our bicycles together in the evening. There was this big drain which brings water to the river and I used to go there with my friends. But sometimes I went alone.

I was a naughty kid. I once spilt mom's detergent and I got locked in the kitchen. But there was no regretting so I ended up playing with the detergent. Dad had always been my saver so he opened the door. I always got scolded by both mom and dad but I don't care because I was so stubborn back then.

Whenever my hair grew long, mom would bring me to a Chinese barber to cut my hair. My hair was short. I never had my hair growing long.

Mom always bought me books. The hard-covered books which are so cute. I had a collection of them.

Dad always buy me anything I want. I always change my bags because you know, kids.

I kind of didn't mix up well with my younger sister because I had always been hating her. Sibling rivalry. I did do fighting with her; the kind that involved pulling hair, kicking and slapping. But I came across the feeling of loving her when I get older.

My younger brother was born in 2005. He looks so different from me. I was in Standard 1 when he was born.

I love my mom, dad and my siblings so much.

I got to admit; I always waste my time back then but I managed to get good grades in exam. I'm not bragging but friends used to envy me. Reasons why I love my childhood so much.

And now I'm crying while writing this.

I miss my childhood.


  1. great... sometimes it can inspired us to be more succesful... /////#bad grammar


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