two cent

Foolishly foolish thoughts by me. You might not agree with me. Readers' discretion are advised.

I came across so many things in my mind.

Grades are bothering me so much. I often got stressed thinking about grades and how important them damn grades are.

Literally, grades are everything. Everything needed in order to be successful. To get a good job and perfect life.

Perfect life is mistakenly defined by the society; it's not about having lots of freaking money, it's not about working in a big and reputable company, it's not about being famous or whatever you say it is.
A perfect life is living happily in your own way; doing what you want (be it a barista to a business guy), being able to enjoy happiness.

You might need to get good grades in the exam. But that doesn't mean you should get pissed off by the exam. That doesn't mean you should feel stupid by taking exam. You're not living to be sad, to feel stupid no matter how. Nobody could order you to do what you don't feel like doing if you're not capable of doing it.

Exam guarantees nothing.

Grades are nothing.

Intelligence and getting good grades are so different. People can't judge you based on what you might understand because everybody is created differently. Some people might understand, some people might not.

They are expecting students to understand every single shit that they taught.

And grades are given based on their understanding.

We are being judged by what we understand; if we don't understand much, we will be given low grades.

Everyone is different from one another. How could they expect us to perform exactly same with those who managed to get good grades?

We were born with different gifts given by God. We have different talents. Some of us might be academically talented yet some of us might not.
Some of us might be talented in arts.
The same goes to other things.


You have your own answer.

Studying. There are no people who managed to grow up and being able to master every subject. Not even a single person. We're going to grow up and have our own cup of tea. We can't be good in everything because we're just humans. God created and gave us our own talent and capability.

Some people even tried to overcome God's power thus resulting to their own destruction.

Getting students to get good grades; in the same time neglecting their mental capabilities to handle stress. Depression, anxiety, social problems are common to nowadays' teens. Society. You might say some people blame society for what happened but they don't realise they're also a part of society.


Everybody belongs to the society no matter what. But everyone in the society has their own way of doing something. Their attitudes are different. A society is not a group of people who shares the same personalities. Some tried to run away from the society but no matter what, there's no running away.

Here's my foolishly foolish two cent.


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