school days

Hi. It's been almost 4 months since I entered my new school. And I'm trying to get myself going well with the situation here. And my pointer is bad which is 2.84 and I was the second from the bottom. Everything was spoiled because of Japanese. I got G for Japanese. It was kind of hard because I'm just a beginner and I couldn't remember hiragana well.

Mom said it's okay because it's the first exam. I should try harder for the next exam. Need to workout with my Japanese and I can't get bad result anymore T^T So my the final exam for this first semester is coming in a few weeks so I need to get myself ready ._.

I had fun in my new school because there are lots of fun activities such as Cultural Fiesta and the Entrepreneurship Day on the last Sunday. There's gonna be more festivals and events and I'm looking forward to it.

I need to get everything balanced *sigh*

There's a few months before the Level 2 students end their studies here and I'm kind of sad because I have some friends in Level 2 ._.

Next year is gonna be my senior year. Aaaaaaand I'm looking forward to have a senior year like those in High School Musical. It might be impossible but nothing is impossible in this world. We should have parties =w=

Campus election is around the corner. I don't know what should I do. I want to participate in the election but I'm not confident with myself and bla bla bla duh. This is so hard and yeah, it's hard. Discipline body might be good but nyeh.


But I love school days.


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